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Mary J. Daar, M.A., LLPC


Northville Public Schools

When it comes to professional counseling services, Valerie Kaplansky has set the bar extremely high. Her warm, and caring approach has positively contributed to the transformation of many students who have struggled with social, emotional, and environmental issues. I have referred many students and families to Valerie over the years and have been very impressed with not only her therapeutic knowledge, but her natural ability to establish healthy relationships with struggling adolescents. Valerie provides a level of security, trust, and compassion that encourages children to identify their feelings and recognize their self-defeating and destructive behavior patterns. She works collaboratively with parents and children to develop healthy coping mechanisms, strengthen their self-concept, and improve their interpersonal relationships.

Brad O Neill

Principal - Meads Mill Middle School Northville Public Schools

I’ve had the privilege of working with Val Kaplansky for over 15 years in a middle school setting. She was an integral part of helping struggling students in their school, home and community so they could find success and happiness academically, socially, and emotionally. Val’s approach and work with school age children is a model of how our youth need to be heard and supported.

Parent of Special Needs Child

Provided training and support for social skill development

Mrs. Kaplansky is an excellent advocate , a truly caring person.  When my son was in middle school, he had very limited social skills because of his disability. "Mrs. K" as we call her, started a "Lunch Club" and peer mentors were paired with another student with a disability during lunch time under her supervision and guidance.  It made a huge impact on my sons social struggles.  Up to this day, he is still friends with the same group of kids at the middle school.  This is a life lesson that can't be learned or taught in a classroom. 

Client - Age 10

Grief Counseling

You have done an excellent job helping me and my brother for the last 4 years. You have been giving me helpful advice, tips and helping me learn lessons.

Client - Age 14

Assisted in improvement of self image and confidence

Thank you Ms. Kaplansky for the things you have done. You are such an amazing person because you are able to treat each person as an individual. You have also taught me so much in so many different ways.

Client - Age 15

Counseling for family conflict, and depression

I have had so much fun with you and so many memories. It would have been a lot harder going through my rough times but I feel like you are a part of my family. You have helped me through so much. I just want to say thank you for helping me through my darkest times.

Clients - Age 6 & 8

Behaviorial difficulties

We think you are really, really, really nice. We like how you like us and you are friendly. We can talk about anything with you.

Client - Age 15

Adjustment to blended family

Ms. Kaplansky, thank you for all you have done for me. I could always come to you if I ever needed help.

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