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"Working with children and families is my passion.  It's a privilege to help each of my clients and see their progress to living a more fulfilling life."
Val Kaplansky

In counseling, particularly childhood and family therapy, one size doesn't fit all. I have created a clinical practice that allows each client to receive my personal attention and be given the best possible care and guidance.



After losing my father at a young age, I quickly learned that life throws unexpected challenges in your path. I also discovered that there are people who can support you through those difficult times. I have made it my life’s work to be one of those people.



Over the past 30 years, my professional counseling work has helped and touched the lives of individuals, couples and families. My passion has always been working with children and families.  As a Northville school social worker, I was able to help many children diagnosed with attention and related learning difficulties such as Austistic Spectrum Disorder and similar social challenges. 



I believe a sense of compassion, empathy and willingness to listen are essential in building trust and understanding with each client. It’s about you. That is why I work with each client individually to develop a program that suits their needs and their needs only.

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